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ASSL Life Saving Tip(CPR).


Before starting call your local health authorities (811)

Step 1: How to Check Someone is Breathing

In the first instance, you must establish the casualty’s situation in order to determine if CPR is an appropriate course of action.

Step 3: Chest Compressions

Chest compressions can be attempted by anyone, and when used on their own, are known as hands-only CPR. They are always the first step to take when administering CPR.


Step 2: Open the Airway

Obstructions can sometimes be the cause of irregular or lack of breathing. As a result, it’s important to open the airway to be certain the patient is in cardiac arrest, and to facilitate the effectiveness of CPR.

Step 4: Rescue Breaths

If you are not confident giving rescue breaths, then you should continue to give chest compressions until professional medical help arrives. If you are familiar with the procedure or have received CPR training, then rescue breaths should be given twice after each set of 30 chest compressions.

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Note: This certification applies to Amalgamated Security Services Limited Trinidad & Tobago and its Business Units only (i.e. Geospatial Technology Services, Electronic Security & Integrated Systems, Central Monitoring, Static & Mobile, Armed & Unarmed Security & Guarding including Marine Operations & Canine Security, Investigating Services, and Cash in Transit).