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Ambulance Services

Emergency Response

Emergency Ambulance Services

Archangel Ambulance Service provides emergency medical response service to both private individuals and companies. Our team of professionally trained staff responds to all types of medical emergencies including road accidents, industrial, technical and domestic situations.

To ensure a swift response to customer calls, the Company has instituted a direct, toll-free telephone line for emergency ambulance service requests; 800-LIVE (5483).

For Companies we offer a Retainer Service under which an Archangel ambulance is on-call to respond to any medical emergency at a customer’s site. Retainer customers get priority over other calls. To further minimize response time to retainer customers’ emergency calls; we maintain a computer database that provides our dispatchers with the details of all retainer contract customers, their locations and their contact persons. Thus ensuring that precious time is not lost in attempting to verify customer details before an ambulance is dispatched to a customer emergency.

Retainer Services

A retainer contract provides a number of advantages to commercial customers:

It enables the company to meet the requirements of OSHA


It provides a morale booster as it shows staff that the Company cares about them


A retainer contract saves time in an emergency because there is no scrambling to decide who should be contacted to come for the injured person.


There is no time lost in determining who will pay for the ambulance


Retainer contract customers receive priority over other calls


Retainer contracts are significantly cheaper than the costs of maintaining an ambulance with crew on-site continuously