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Customer Portal

Welcome to Amalgamated's Customer Portal

The Customer Portal allows Amalgamated Security Services Limited customers and partners to submit a new service request, ask questions, make a complaint report; receive responses and review history online.

NOTE: This Customer Portal does not allow customers to submit any notices for termination or cancellation of services to Amalgamated Security Services Limited. All termination or cancellation notices must be done in writing and submitted to the Contracts/Marketing Department of Amalgamated Security Services Limited.

Disclaimer/Terms & Conditions

This portion of the website is for use by registered customers only. Access and use of the Amalgamated Security Services Limited Customer Portal is subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. Note: A Representative will respond to your request/s within 24 hours, thus bear in mind the time sensitivity in submission of request/s via the Customer Portal.


Click the link below to read the Terms and Conditions of the Customer Portal:

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